Arsenal superstars heap praise on Mikel Arteta, claim he has changed the club

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta

Arsenal superstars Alexandre Lacazette and Mesut Ozil have heaped praise on new manager Mikel Arteta for improving the way the team plays football and the dressing room atmosphere. Recently club goalkeeper Bernd Leno had praised their new head coach for changing the team as well.

Ozil revealed that the team is much happier and players want to give their everything for the club now. He also added that the team has improved tactically and hoped for a successful future for the club.

“As a team, we are much happier and everyone wants to give everything for this club. Especially tactically we improve a lot and I hope in the future we will be more successful,” said Ozil in an interview with club’s website.

Forward Alexandre Lacazette echoed Ozil’s sentiments and said the team is ‘more together now’. The Frenchman claimed that Arteta has a new philosophy and there has been a big change in the way they are playing.

“We are more together now. The way we think as well on the pitch and outside the pitch. Tactically we are better and we’re going to see a big improvement in the next few weeks.”

“It’s very early doors in time. [Mikel] has a new philosophy and the way he has implemented it in the last few games that we’ve played, there’s been a big change,” Lacazette told the club’s website.