WATCH: Pep Guardiola sarcastically ‘thanks’ referees after Manchester City’s 3-1 defeat to Liverpool

Manchester City fell to a 3-1 defeat against fellow title contenders Liverpool to go nine points behind them in the Premier League title race. However, there were a lot of controversies as both of Liverpool’s first two goals came under immense scrutiny with a majority of fans believing both of them should have been cancelled.

Clearly not happy with the referees’ performance, City manager Pep Guardiola walked down to them after the match and sarcastically shook their hands, saying ‘Thank you very much’ repeatedly. Watch the video of the incident here.


“Ask Mike Riley and the big bosses about that. Don’t ask me. Ask Mike Riley and his people. I’m here to talk about the game. Every time I’m being asked why one day it’s handball, the next day it’s not. Don’t ask me. Ask them. I know the way we were champions last two seasons, I’m so proud of that,” Guardiola said while in conversation with the media after the encounter.

“I’m uncomfortable because it looks like Pep is complaining but congratulations to Liverpool, 3-1, could we have done differently on the second, third one – is it a penalty, isn’t it a penalty? I don’t know what with all these ifs, you don’t know what will happen in the future. Ask the big bosses.

“Tomorrow I go to the Uefa meeting and we discuss these things. What can I say? It’s not nice for this club. We have started to be in the elite in the last 10 years, not like Liverpool, you’ll never walk alone, who have been there 30 years, 40 years, 50 or 60 years. We are new to that. The organisation will help us to grow, these experiences will help.

“These games are part of life, sometimes for us and sometimes against. The referee and these kind of decisions, ask the big bosses, they know more than me.”