WATCH: Pep Guardiola accidentally calls Manchester City Bayern Munich while discussing Rodri

Pep Guardiola is normally cool, calm and collected in front of the camera during interviews and press conferences, but even he can make mistakes from time to time.

Manchester City beat Burnley 4-1 in the Premier League at Turf Moor on Tuesday night, and in the aftermath, Guardiola was asked to discuss one of his midfield generals in a bit of detail.

Guardiola acknowledged the work done by Rodri, and was heaping even more praise on the Spaniard when he bizarrely referred to his current club as Bayern Munich. Take a look.

“He has adjusted and he suits this league perfectly,” Guardiola said about Rodri in his post-match press conference.

“I think Bayern Munich…Bayern… Manchester City bought…

“Bayern Munich? What the f***? I don’t know what I thought!

“I think Manchester City bought an incredible player for the next few years.”

After a bit of laughter and banter, the “former” Bayern Munich manager composed himself and went on to discuss the strengths of Rodri.

“For the way he trains, wants to learn and listen, he has been incredible.

“He was outstanding with and without the ball, always in the right moment with transitions too. He always helps us.”