New video emerges of Park Hang-Seo’s altercation with Thailand goalkeeper coach

With the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) reportedly confirming an official AFC complaint against Thailand’s Assistant Coach Sasa Todic, a new video has emerged showing a different side of the altercation between both parties during the FIFA World Cup Qualifier on November 2019.

In the original photo that went viral on Wednesday, it is shown that Park Hang Seo walks off to the Serbian’s alleged body-shaming taunt. However, in this video, the South Korean reacts angrily to the gesture seemingly ready for any possible physical altercation.

Watch it below:

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Posted by เตะวืด on Tuesday, 19 November 2019

The 60-year old is forcibly pulled away from the situation by his colleagues, but he returns to the Thailand dugout to confront Todic, who continues with his verbal gestures. Meanwhile, Thailand’s goalkeeping and Assistant Coach has refuted all claims of body shaming and racism against Vietnam’s long-serving gaffer.

In a statement to the Football Association of Thailand, he said, “ All that is published in the media and on social networks has nothing to do with reality, especially not with racism as some media conveyed. There is also a clip where I can clearly see my reaction and the reaction of the whole Thai bench. We got insults in our space in front of the bench, we all reacted, but the finger was pointed only at me as there is a photo of what it looks like.”

He further added, “I take the opportunity to apologize to anyone who misinterpreted my reaction. Judging by the comments, a large number of Vietnam fans were offended by untrue media reports, seeing only the picture and not knowing the true truth.”

Both meetings between the two sides in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers have ended in a 0-0 draw. While Vietnam sit top of the group as a result, Thailand are third.