AFC Cup 2019: 5 talking points as PSM Makassar pull off an eventful 2-1 away win against Kaya FC

The AFC Cup 2019 clash between Kaya FC and PSM Makassar lived up to its billing and then some as there was action aplenty, especially towards the end of the game. Picking out just five talking points was a task in itself, but here is what we settled on:

#1 The sun wreaks havoc in Bacolod

It is fair to say that the heat was at its peak in this crunch clash between Kaya FC and PSM Makassar. A 3 PM HKT kick-off meant that the sun was beating down and mother nature was in no mood to let up.

That led to two water breaks in between but with rising temperatures came rising tempers, but more on that later. For the European players in particular, the heat was unbearable.

#2 PSM take the lead against the run of play 

AFC Cup 2019: Kaya FC 0-1 PSM Makassar (Rizky Pellu 21′)

Just when it looked as though Kaya had developed a stronghold in the first half, they fell victim to some rather ordinary defending, allowing the opposition to find a way to cross in.

The cross was guided home by Rizky Pellu via a well placed header and it gave the away side a vital advantage in the game.

#3 PSM double their advantage through Markkanen 

AFC Cup 2019: Kaya FC 0-2 PSM Makassar (Eero Markkanen 24′)

It was barely any time later that PSM managed to double their lead, this time through the unstoppable Eero Markkanen.

The forward was just too strong for the entire Kaya FC defence and managed to bully his way through and score past the goalkeeper. It was key to score then because the conditions were worsening and the home crowd was stunned into silence.

#4 Rivky keeps the points alive

There is a lot of credit that needs to go to PSM Makassar goalkeeper Rivky Mokodompit for his classy saves towards the end of the second half.

There were a couple of unorthodox ones in there, but the shotstopper kept the ball out of the net, and crucially so as the game neared a close.

#5 Two red cards sum up the physical nature of the contest

For this we can refer to the first talking point of this game where the beating sun had its effect on the players. First, two yellow cards for needless tackles from PSM’s Abdul Rahman got him sent off with more than a quarter of the game still to play.

But that was nothing in comparison with the straight red received by Kaya’s Jalsor Soriano right at the death when he lost his head and blatantly kicked out at Marc Klok of PSM. The game fell apart after the incident and even a late penalty goal for the hosts couldn’t inspire a comeback.

AFC Cup 2019: Kaya FC 1-2 PSM Makassar (Jovin Bedic – Penalty 90+1′)