WATCH: PSM Makassar take an early 1-0 lead over Kaya FC in AFC Cup 2019

PSM Makassar took an early 1-0 lead over Kaya FC in their ongoing AFC Cup 2019 match.  The hosts were stunned by Rizky Pellu’s stunning goal that came at 20′. 

It was expected that the hosts will be successful in establishing an easy dominance, owing to the familiarity with the home conditions, However, PSM Makassar were in no place to give up on the lead especially when they had created so many chances for scoring. Pellu received the cross from Wiljan Pluim and directed it straight to the back of the nets.

AFC Cup 2019: Kaya FC 0-1 PSM Makassar (Rizky Pellu 21′)